Creating and preparing a pitch deck.

Congrats you have an idea…now it’s time to reveal the essence of your business. To have a successful investor deck you need to have a smart pitch deck.

This template is a simple overview of what you will want to build out as you work to share your brand and products/services with investors.

Here are a list of things to make sure you do when building your content.

  • Be clear and concise
  • Directly define the problem and how you will solve it
  • Know your audience and target market
  • Limit to 20 pages of less
  • Have a clear business plan and direction
  • Demonstrate scalability
  • Show metrics to show the success of your product
  • Share testimonials
  • Show the current growth rate of your startup
  • Be original in both execution and direction
  • Recognise your competition and determine why you’re a better solution
  • Use visuals, such as diagrams
  • Showcase your financial and personal business goals

Download our free pitch deck to help you get started!

Download Pitch Deck

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